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We tell you why Farrera is the best option in human capital.

This is us

For over 35 years, we have supported companies of all sizes and diverse nationalities to achieve their business objective.

We are experts on finding the best talent available and invite it to join us, stay and help to grow our customers.

At the time of looking for talent our scope has no limits; we have collaborators that they come mainly from all México, but also from diverse parts of Europe, north, center and south of America.

The languages have never been an issue, the 98% of our collaborators speak spanish and english, we can look for human talent that speak portuguese, french and german among others.

We believe in diversity and inclusion as source of wealth, in Farrera everybody, all identities are welcome.

What we do?

We like simple things and well done, in Farrera we have a portfolio of services very particular that can we customize to the measure of each client.

We locate and provide human resources in different areas including Management, Admin, Finances, Engineer, Marketing, Customer Service, Software development, Supply Chain among others.